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Reviewing and approving leave and travel

Login to HR & Payroll Self Service

Managers and approvers only can review and approve leave and travel requests.

Through My Inbox, managers and approvers can:

  • review and approve leave and travel requests
  • review employee requests to carry forward leave
  • set up employee Travel Privileges

Changing a reporting relationship (OM)

To change a reporting relationship:

If you receive a leave or travel request from an employee and you are no longer their approver, you can forward to your OM administrator who will change the reporting relationship.

My Inbox - forward to OM admin (PDF, 494KB, 1 page)

My team calendar

As a manager, you have access to a team calendar. This displays all the employees that report to you and their leave requests, both pending and approved. You can also create a list of employees if you have several teams reporting to you.

My team calendar (PDF, 670 KB, 3 pages)

My team calendar (video)

Approving carry forward leave

Approve 'carry forward leave' requests in My Inbox:

My Inbox approving carry forward leave (PDF, 765KB 4 pages)

Extend 'carry forward leave' past 30 September:

Change date of carry forward leave (PDF 315KB 1 page)

Setting a substitute to review or approve leave and travel

You can assign a substitute manager to cover the inbox while you are on leave.

My Inbox creating substitutions tutorial (PDF, 860KB, 6 pages)

My Inbox create manager substitutions planned (video)

My Inbox create manager substitutions unplanned (video)

Management reporting

Get information about management reporting at SAP Business Intelligence (Reporting & Analytics) Hub (you will need to be on the HSE network to access).

Guides and tutorials

Approving leave, travel expenses and travel privileges

My Inbox - manager approving leave (PDF, 300KB, 2 pages)

My Inbox - manager approving travel expenses (PDF, 1.1MB, 5 pages)

My Inbox - approving travel privileges (PDF, 970KB, 5 pages)

My Inbox - approving travel privileges (video)

My Inbox - using filters (PDF, 524 KB, 1 page)

My Inbox – Approving Travel Privileges (video)

Processing leave and travel claims

My Inbox - Manager processing leave requests (PDF, 775KB, 3 pages)

My Inbox - Manager processing travel claims (PDF, 1.1MB, 5 pages)

Activating, deactivating, rejecting or accepting requests

My Inbox - Manager activating or deactivating as unplanned substitute (video)

My Inbox - Manager requests - rejects or accepts (video)

My Inbox - Leave carry forward requests (managers) (video)

Items from employees that do not report to you

My Inbox - items received from employee who does not report to you (PDF, 440KB, 2 pages)


Contact HR & Payroll Self Service helpdesk (NiSRP) using any of the following options:

Log your query on Health Shared Services Self Service Portal


When emailing the helpdesk include your name and personnel number (or your PPS number if you do not know your personnel number).

Phone: 0818 300 296 9am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday

For pay and payslip queries contact your local payroll department