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Getting started on My HSE Self Service

My HSE Self Service is an online facility which allows:

employees to:

managers and approvers to:

An introduction to My HSE Self Service (video)

Getting started

To set up a My HSE Self Service account:

  • Send an email to with ‘User set-up request form’ in the subject line
  • You will receive a reply which includes a form for you to enter your set up details. Return your completed form to

Logging into My HSE Self Service for the first time

Login ID

Your login ID starts with E plus your 8 digit personnel number. If you don’t know your personnel number you will find it printed on your payslip.

Managers' logon ID is the letter M plus your personnel number.

How to log into My HSE Self Service for the first time

Follow these steps to get set up for the first time and to set your password. Watch this video tutorial to follow the login process.

  1. Click here to access My HSE Self Service
  2. Enter your Logon ID. This is your personnel number preceded by E. You will also receive this in an email from when your account is set up.
  3. Select the password reset option
  4. Enter your Logon ID and email address (this is the email address you used to set up your account). Click on the submit button. You will then be emailed a temporary password which you can use to log on.
  5. You will be then prompted to change password
  6. Enter the temporary password (received by email) into the old password field
  7. Think of a password you can remember and enter it into the new password field, and enter again into the field and confirm password. Your new password must be at least 8 characters long, contain at least 3 letters (1 uppercase), a number and a symbol e.g. @, %,!
  8. You will now be logged into My HSE Self Service

Devices you can use to access My HSE Self Service

You can access My HSE Self Service on your HSE or personal computer, mobile phone or tablet with internet access. When logging in from a personal device, you will be emailed a 6 digit passcode to access the site. A passcode is not required when using a HSE device.

For security reasons, managers must access My HSE Self Service using a HSE device.

Use a desktop shortcut to access My HSE Self Service

When you bookmark the My HSE Self Service web address, your browser saves the address for that session only. When you revisit the site using that bookmark you will get an error 'SAML2'.

You are recommended to set up a desktop shortcut for the web address.

Creating a desktop shortcut

  1. Right-mouse click on a blank part of your desktop
  2. Select 'New' and 'Shortcut'
  3. On the next screen enter
  4. Click Next and name the link as My HSE Self Service log­on
  5. Click Finish

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HSeLanD training

My HSE Self Service (NiSRP) eLearning course modules on

The eLearning course contains modules for employees; for managers and approvers; for staff who travel for work purposes.

Search for the relevant module title on the HSeLanD home page, or access through the Business Skills catalogue.

Each module takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Recorded webinars

The current series of live webinars are now finished. There are recorded versions of these webinars available:

My HSE Self Service general awareness webinar for employees (video)

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Contact My HSE Self Service helpdesk (NiSRP) using any of the following options:

Log your query on Health Shared Services Self Service Portal


When emailing the helpdesk include your name and personnel number (or your PPS number if you do not know your personnel number).

Phone: 0818 300 296 9am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday

For HR forms, verification of service requests, and changes to contract details email

For pay and payslip queries contact your local payroll department