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Technical queries

Login to HR & Payroll Self Service

What does the error 'Payroll area 2H/3H is locked' mean?

The error message 'Payroll area 2H/3H locked' is advising that the system is locked for routine maintenance. This can be for a short time or it might be for two days before your pay day. During this time you will not be able to enter leave or travel claims and managers will not be able to approve these claims.

I get a blank screen when I log into My HR & Payroll Service, what should I do?

You may have an older version of an internet browser. Internet Explorer 11, Chrome and FireFox are recommended for using HR & Payroll Self Service.

Why do I get the error message 'SAML2 service not accessible' when I try to log into HR & Payroll Self Service?

When you bookmark the HR & Payroll Self Service web address, your browser saves the address for that session only. When you revisit the site using that bookmark you will get an error 'SAML2'.

You are recommended to set up a desktop shortcut for the web address.

Creating a desktop shortcut

Right mouse click on a blank part of your desktop

Select 'New' and 'Shortcut'

On the next screen enter

Click Next and name the link as HR & Payroll Self Service log­on

Click Finish

Why do I get a 'Conflict of Absence' error?

The conflict of absence error occurs when leave has been entered for the same period on:

  • your HR & Payroll Self Service account, and
  • by your Time Returning Officer (TRO) on their Time Manager’s Workplace (TMW) system

To fix this issue, contact your TRO to delete the entry on their TMW system.

Why is an error displayed on 'My Travel and Expenses' tile?

This error means there are no travel privileges created for you.

To fix this, access the My Travel Privileges tile and submit the documentation for claiming expenses.

If you claim mileage you will need:

Note: If you claim expenses but do not use your own vehicle you will only need the employee declaration document.


Contact HR & Payroll Self Service helpdesk (NiSRP) using any of the following options:

Log your query on Health Shared Services Self Service Portal


When emailing the helpdesk include your name and personnel number (or your PPS number if you do not know your personnel number).

Phone: 0818 300 296 9am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday

For pay and payslip queries contact your local payroll department