Leave requests

Login to HR & Payroll Self Service

You can manage your leave requests on HR & Payroll Self Service.

This includes:

  • checking leave requests status
  • cancelling leave requests
  • requesting to carry forward leave
  • applying for different types of leave
  • review and approve staff leave (managers/approvers only)

Leave you can apply for

Using HR & Payroll Self Service, you can apply for any leave type which requires only one level of approval.

You cannot apply for leave types that require ‘2 step’ authorisation (where a form needs to be submitted). Examples include maternity leave and career breaks. You must follow existing procedures, including submitting forms, for this type of leave.

Cancel or edit leave requests

To change or edit your leave requests click on the delete icon to delete your request and the pencil icon to edit your request. When your manager approves your request the change will show on HR & Payroll Self Service.

Full leave entitlement not showing

The annual leave balance shown in HR & Payroll Self Service accrues on a daily basis. It is normal for this balance to show less than your annual leave entitlement for the year. This does not affect you taking leave.

You can apply for leave if your quota is low. This will be taken from your earned leave throughout the year.

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Carry leave forward

You can carry forward untaken annual leave into the first 6 months of the new leave year, in exceptional circumstances. You can apply for this through the Carry Forward leave tile on HR & Payroll Self Service. If your manager approves the carry forward leave, your balance will be available under the My Leave Requests tile.

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Incorrect approver for authorising leave

If the approver to authorise your leave is incorrect on HR & Payroll Self Service, complete the reporting line change form and return it to the Organisation Management (OM) administrator in your area.

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Phone: 0818 300 296 9am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday

For HR forms, verification of service requests, and changes to contract details email npr.hbs@hse.ie

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