Address and bank details

Login to HR & Payroll Self Service

You can update your address and bank details on HR & Payroll Self Service.

Update addresses

You can update your home, work and next-of-kin addresses.

You can also update your email address. You can use your work or personal email address.

Note: Passwords and passcodes to log on from an external network will be sent to the email address you provide.

My addresses tutorial guide (PDF, 573KB, 3 pages)

My addresses tutorial (video)

Update bank details

You can update details for banks based in Ireland only.

My bank details tutorial guide (PDF, 870KB, 4 pages)

My bank details tutorial (video)


Contact HR & Payroll Self Service helpdesk (NiSRP) using any of the following options:

Log your query on Health Shared Services Self Service Portal


When emailing the helpdesk include your name and personnel number (or your PPS number if you do not know your personnel number).

Phone: 0818 300 296 9am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday

For HR forms, verification of service requests, and changes to contract details email

For pay and payslip queries contact your local payroll department