Devices and software

General IT devices

For PC and laptop orders during the COVID-19 pandemic see the ordering process here

For printer and scanner orders in the Midlands region only, complete and return the Printer and Scanner order form. Complete this form in Word. Print and sign the form. Log a request ticket and attach a copy through NSD Self Service

Software requests

Standard software is installed as part of the HSE national PC and laptop image. You are responsible for the use of all software, in accordance with the HSE IT Acceptable Use Policy, Irish Copyright and related Rights Act 2000 and software licensing agreements. Read ICT policies

Licensed software

For licence-based software, you must provide the licence details. You will need an approved purchase order (PO) to send to the vendor to get an order raised.

The vendor will provide proof of purchase and/or licence details. You need to include this as part of your request to the NSD (include it with the software request form).

To request software installation you will need to complete the software request form

The form must be completed by you, your senior manager or budget holder.

You must complete the form in Word. Log a request ticket and attach a copy through NSD Self Service

Common software list (free – no licence purchase or software exception request form required)

Log a ticket if you need any of the following updated or installed as no licence is applicable. Ensure you include the asset tag of your device:

Software name Note
Software name Adobe Reader upgrade Note Used to read PDF files. If your machine is old, then the version may need to be updated to access pdf files
Software name Microsoft Silverlight Note An updated version may be required for internet based video or graphics
Software name Internet Explorer (IE) Note You may have an outdated version installed and require a more recent version. Please note some applications may not work on new versions and this will need to be determined prior to the install, for example, the NSD will check other applications running on the machine
Software name Mozilla Firefox Note If you require Mozilla Firefox as an alternative browser, then an ESR version suitable for corporate use will be installed. ICT will need to determine if the machine is also running systems only suitable for Internet Explorer which can cause issues with multiple browsers installed, for example, NIMIS
Software name McAfee Content Encryption Note May be required if you need to email sensitive or confidential files to a colleague or third party
Software name Converting PDF to Word Note Non-licensed software available to convert simple documents containing text and
graphics. *If unsuitable, then the only alternative is to purchase PDF software
Software name Saving Word as a PDF Note Microsoft Word version 2010 has a Save As option to allow you to save Word documents as PDF files. Non licensed software available to allow older Word documents to be saved as PDF files
Software name Microsoft Office standard suite upgrade: upgrade from version 2007 to 2010 or 2016; upgrade from 2010 to 2016 Note If you have an old machine and / or have a 2007 version of Office standard installed (this excludes Microsoft Access) and require an upgrade to 2010 or 2016, then please log a ticket with your asset tag details. Note: This excludes Microsoft Office Professional (License required) or Office365
Software name Microsoft Access installed on my machine in order to view Access databases only Note As you only require view access, this product can be installed without a license requirement

USB memory stick

Only HSE-approved USB memory sticks, distributed by eHealth, may be used to store or transfer HSE data.

To request a USB memory stick, log a ticket that includes the USB memory stick agreement with National Service Desk equipment request templates portal


To order a tablet, you must complete the electronic device request form. The form must be completed by the requesting user and budget holder and sent to

Smartphone requests

Get information on ordering or upgrading to a new smartphone and setting up roaming

Contact the National Service Desk (NSD)

Use the NSD self-service portal or phone 0818 300 300