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HealthIRL migration

User accounts, devices and mailboxes will be moved from our 8 legacy regional domains to a single domain in the HealthIRL migration programme.

Migrating to HealthIRL is essential for cloud and cyber security, and a key recommendation in the HSE cyber-attack post-incident review report.

Self-service migration to HealthIRL

Why HealthIRL?

HealthIRL is a secure modern platform, supporting best practice identity management, resilience and security.

With HealthIRL you can access cloud-based systems and get a single view of the organisation. It simplifies collaboration and means you use 1 account as you move throughout the organisation.

Benefits of HealthIRL and why you need it

  • Must be on HealthIRL to access Microsoft Teams, Office 365 and Exchange Online
  • Ability to access cloud-based systems such as HPVP, single sign-on (SSO), Trendcare, and others
  • Locate any HSE staff member in a single email directory
  • Share calendars with colleagues across all locations
  • Login from any location, on any HSE device
  • Keep the same login if you relocate between HSE regions
  • Access national applications and shared folders from any location
  • Reset expired and forgotten passwords using self-service
  • A more connected and standardised user experience

Preparing for migration

The HealthIRL migration programme is technically challenging and complex, unpicking 30 years of legacy issues across regional areas. It may reveal unique issues as the programme deploys across the country. Our technology office commits to addressing these issues promptly, and supporting teams throughout migration.

What we need from you

Every HSE building, department and staff member will move to HealthIRL. Users at every level of the organisation should prioritise HealthIRL migration when in your area.

Moving your account and device to HealthIRL includes you:

  • filling in a template enabling HealthIRL team to do pre-checks on your account and device
  • getting an email from HealthIRL team validating your information and scheduling your migration
  • agreeing a time and onsite location for an engineer to migrate you to HealthIRL
  • being off-line for about 1-2 hours during the migration, depending on account and device complexity
  • carrying out post-migration checks with the engineer to ensure you can access everything you need

Self-service migration to HealthIRL

You must be within a HSE site and connected to the HSE network to use self-service migration to HealthIRL (you cannot connect using VPN or wifi).

Follow the steps in the self-service migration guide (PDF, 536 KB, 5 pages)

Self-service migration takes about 20-40 minutes.

Once migration is complete, your device will restart and display a log-in screen.

Self-service troubleshooting guide (PDF, 1.4 MB, 72 pages)

For support after migrating to HealthIRL, email or phone 0818 300 300 (National Service Desk).

More information

Testimonials -

HealthIRL Migration Programme -


General enquiries and notifying us if you have not been migrated yet:

Programme manager:

8 legacy regional health domains

  • SouthEast(
  • MidWest (
  • East (
  • Northwest (
  • South (
  • Midwest (
  • Western Health Board (
  • North East (

Contact the National Service Desk (NSD)

Use the NSD self-service portal or phone 0818 300 300