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National Service Desk (NSD)

About National Service Desk

Requesting IT support

Mobile phone and mifi


Out-of-hours emergency contact

National Service Desk mailbox

Keep your data safe

End User policy

Collaboration tools

About National Service Desk

The National Service Desk (NSD) is the single point-of-contact for HSE staff to get IT services.

The National Service Desk (NSD) IT team can help you:

  • fix problems with your IT equipment (for example your computer or email)
  • access networks or shared folders

Services are categorised as requests or incidents. A request is where you want something, for example, a new computer, a new user account, access to a shared folder. An incident is where something is broken, for example, printer not working, unable to access an application, internet unavailable, email not working.

NSD mission and values

Keep your data safe

NSD will provide you with your ticket reference when contacting you by phone. Before proceeding with the call, think if you have a ticket logged about the fault or request, and are you expecting contact about it.

NSD may at times:

  • need to remotely access your machine, but will never require you to download a file or browse to a website to initiate this
  • share links to useful information (if you have queries about a link received from NSD phone 0818 300 300)
  • ask you for your email address or username, but will never ask you for your password
  • contact you, even though you may not have logged a ticket. If at any time you're unsure if the contact is legitimate, hang up and phone 0818 300 300

All staff are recommended to complete the HSE cyber awareness training module on HSeLanD

Requesting IT support

Check before contacting National Service Desk:
  • for device issues - turn your device off and back on (reboot)
  • for login issues - make sure caps lock is off or on, as applicable, and your password is correct. To get a password reset, your security questions must be recorded to verify you. A colleague with recorded security questions can also vouch on your behalf
  • for connection issues - check all connections on your device, including peripherals, and ensure everything is plugged in and connected securely
  • for device/domain password resets - you must have your security questions recorded to enable the NSD team to verify you
    • record your security questions on Ivanti self service portal (if you do not have your security questions recorded, a colleague with recorded security questions can vouch on your behalf)
    • phone NSD support when you need a password reset: 0818 300 300


You can use the self-service portal to log an incident or request. This gives the fastest response time and you can check the status of your tickets without having to ring the NSD. About the self-service portal.


Phone the NSD on 0818 300 300. You will be able to select an option and your call will go to the appropriate queue. This service is available from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Currently, a support service is available to Covid specific centres from 8am to 8pm Monday to Sunday.

From Thursday 18 May 2023, the National Service Desk (NSD) may monitor or record phone support calls for training and quality purposes.


Email your service desk mailbox.

What to expect when using self service, calling or emailing NSD, and when an analyst contacts you

Ticket and service feedback, escalations and complaints

How to provide feedback on IT services or to escalate a ticket.

NSD support team structure

Out-of-hours emergency contact

An emergency out-of-hours service (5pm to 8am Monday to Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday) is available on 0818 300 300. This should only be used for emergencies that cannot wait for normal working hours.

NSD staff will determine what action to take per ticket, troubleshoot (triage) and in some cases, may be able to resolve. Tickets may sometimes require assistance from other IT support teams.

Cork University Hospital (CUH)

IT out-of-hours emergency support phone: 021 492 2000

Letterkenny University Hospital (LUH)

IT out-of-hours emergency support phone: 087 234 0242

Galway University Hospital (GUH)

IT out-of-hours emergency support phone: 091 544 000

Mayo University Hospital (MUH)

IT out-of-hours emergency support phone: 091 544 000

Roscommon University Hospital (RUH)

IT out-of-hours emergency support phone: 091 544 000

End User policy

The End User policy (PDF, 482KB, 8 pages) sets out the National Service Desk's policy regarding NSD end-users access and use of NSD systems.

The NSD is committed to the correct and proper use of these systems in support of its administrative and service functions. The purpose of this policy is to define the expected and acceptable use of the NSD systems by the end-user.

The policy is mandatory and by engaging with the NSD, end-users are agreeing to abide by the terms of the policy.

Collaboration tools

Approved and supported tools for online meetings and collaboration include:

See digital health for more information on available solutions to support communication and collaboration across the health service.

Zoom video conferencing

Technology and Transformation advises:

  • Technology and Transformation, including the NSD, do not support Zoom video conference products to host work-related video conferences. This applies in clinical and non-clinical settings. The HSE host of any Zoom video conference is at risk of non-compliance with GDPR
  • HSE Data Protection Officer (DPO) advises that staff who need to make use of video conferencing should use one of the HSE's approved and supported platforms
  • HSE employees can attend a Zoom meeting which is being hosted by another organisation, if this is necessary to meet business obligations
  • HSE staff should not record any Zoom conferences they take part in
  • HSE staff should not take part in Zoom conferences where clinical matters relating to an individual patient are being discussed
  • if you need assistance with the approved video conferencing facilities contact the NSD
  • Should you continue to use Zoom video conferencing, you should adhere to best practices for securing Zoom meetings

Mobile phone and mifi support - Vodafone

For issues with your work mobile phone or mifi device, contact Vodafone Support on 1800 855 838; email

National Service Desk mailbox

NSD mailbox

This mailbox is for HSE staff to log IT-related faults and requests, and not monitored for emails from the general public. If you're a member of the general public requiring information regarding a COVID-19 appointment, vaccine or query contact HSE Live

The National Service Desk mailbox is

Regional service desk mailboxes are no longer operational. The quickest way to log, update or check the status of your ticket is through NSD Self Service

Alternatively, contact the National Service Desk support line on 0818 300 300

Service Desk South West - Cork University Hospital and Kerry University Hospital.

Note: Cork University Hospital and Kerry University Hospital have their own IT departments.

Cork University Hospital

Kerry General Hospital


Contact the National Service Desk (NSD)

Use the NSD self-service portal or phone 0818 300 300