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Contract workers

Contractor is defined as ‘a person or firm who contracts to supply materials or work equipment (any machinery, appliance, apparatus, tool or installation for use at work or labour).

The term 'Contractor' is used broadly and is intended to cover contractors, agencies and temporary employment businesses.

Contractors policy fast factsheet (PDF, 977 KB, 2 pages)

Manager responsibilities

  • For each project or contract (or stage thereof), a suitable HSE contract manager is appointed
  • There are formal processes for ensuring cooperation and coordination with contractors who work for, or on sites under the control of, the senior manager
  • There are suitable local arrangements for the provision of safety and health information and training to contractors and fixed term and temporary employees as appropriate
  • Suitable procedures are implemented for the monitoring, review and audit of contract (including works, service and labour) management and delivery
  • Local responsible persons and staff understand that their responsibilities with regard to health and safety extend to others. This includes their staff, colleagues, patients, visitors, contractors, fixed term workers

Section 5.5 and 5.6 of the HSE policy on the management of health and safety in contract work outlines the responsibilities for the appointed HSE contract manager and the contractor.

5 practical steps for health and safety in contract management

  1. Plan
  2. Select a contractor
  3. Commence on site
  4. Keep a check
  5. Review and audit

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