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Slips, trips and falls

Slips, trips and falls are the main cause of accidents in the workplace that result in more than 3 days absence from work.

The main causes of slips, trips and falls includes:

  • spills
  • wet surfaces
  • damaged flooring
  • changes in level of floors
  • slippery surfaces
  • transition areas, for example, carpeted to tiled floor
  • cables, mats and other floor obstructions
  • overused warning or safety signs
  • footwear
  • inadequate or inappropriate lighting

Fast facts - slips, trips and falls (PDF, 745 KB, 2 pages)

Check list - slips, trips and falls (Word, 43 KB, 4 pages)

Safety guidance to prevent slips, trips, and falls (PDF, 424 KB)

Slips, trips and falls examples

Managers carrying out a risk assessment

You must ensure that slips, trips and falls are assessed as part of the risk assessment.

When carrying out the risk assessment, you should consider:

  • the use of the premises
  • the occupancy of the premises
  • the services being supplied
  • the activity that takes place

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