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Safe and healthy work in the digital age

European Safety Week Campaign 2023-2025

The campaign focuses on the impact of digitalisation on the way we work.

Using digital technologies can increase worker safety by reducing risks in some tasks, such as robotics replacing humans in dangerous work environments.

Examples of digitalisation in healthcare include:

  • using robotics during surgeries
  • e-prescribing
  • helpdesk applications

Digitalisation in the HSE

The HSE makes use of digital technology. It provides more opportunities but also raises concerns about workplace safety and health. To ensure worker safety, a human-centred approach is needed in the design, implementation and use of digital technologies.

Successful digital transformation at work requires a proactive approach to safety and health.

The campaign priorities for the HSE include:

  • better understanding of how to use digital technology safely
  • increasing awareness of digitalisation and its implications for occupational safety and health
  • providing information on new and emerging risks relating to digital transformation of work
  • promoting risk assessments
  • providing resources to enable healthy and safe digital transformation of work


The National Health and Safety Function have created a suite of resources to reduce the risk factors associated with digitalisation at work: