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Medical gas safety for clinical staff

Who this training is for

This programme is designed for nursing and other clinical staff who administer medical gases as a part of their normal jobs.

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Training format



The course emphasises the roles, responsibilities and procedures required to ensure best practice in the safe use and application of medical gases and associated equipment.

After completing this programme, trainees will be able to:

  • explain relevant legislation and codes of practice
  • identify the composition and identification of various gases
  • identify the hazards involved in working with medical gases
  • explain safe operating practices

How to book

Online via

Course content

  • Statutory and regulatory obligations
  • What is a medical gas?
  • Hazards of medical gases
  • Cylinder identification, management and security
  • Cylinder handling and operation
  • Clinical uses of medical gases
  • Medical gas pipeline systems
  • Suction and oxygen therapy equipment (SOT)


The programme takes approximately 2 hours to complete


There is an online assessment to be completed.


An online certificate of completion will be issued.

Record system