First Aid Responder

Health and Safety legislation sets out the requirements for occupational first aiders.

The First Aid Response course covers all of the occupational first aid requirements for places of work as outlined by the Health and Safety Authority.

The number of Occupational First Aiders will depend on several factors including the size of the undertaking, the numbers employed, the hazards arising, access to medical services, employees working away from their employer’s premises, and workers in isolated locations.

Occupational First Aiders must have refresher training every two years from the date of the course.

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Who this training is for

Employees identified through a training needs assessment.

Training format



  • To provide employees with the knowledge, practical skills and understanding required to provide and coordinate first aid in the workplace in compliance with the requirements of the Occupational First Aid Regulations 2007 and the associated guide to these Regulations
  • To enable course participants to provide first aid for a person who becomes suddenly unwell or injured until the arrival of emergency medical services

Upon completion of the First Aid Response course participants will be able to:

  • recognise and assess the causes and effects of sudden illness and/or injury in a pre-hospital environment and call for emergency medical services
  • react to such pre-hospital emergencies
  • respond in a safe, effective and appropriate manner to such emergencies utilising the First Aid Response skillset
  • record and report actions and interventions taken while responding to and managing such incidents and during handover to emergency medical services
  • retain a professional and caring attitude in your performance as a First Aid Responder

The course is First Aid Response (FAR) PHECC accredited.

How to book

Your line manager can book your course through the Health and Safety helpdesk


3 days


An assessment takes place at the end of the third day. There is a practical and theoretical element to the assessment. Participants complete a multiple-choice examination paper and undertake two skills assessments.

In order to be successful, participants must achieve a mark of 80% or greater in each element of the assessment.

Course code

FAR-SHST- 028:01