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Integral Valve Oxygen Cylinders Learning Guide

Who this training is for

The programme is a mandatory programme for employees that use or handle this type of cylinder and must be completed in conjunction with the NHSF medical gas training programme.

Contact the Health and Safety helpdesk for more information or advice

Training format



  • To explain the features of BOC Healthcare’s oxygen cylinders fitted with integral valves
  • Provide step by step demonstration of how to safely operate a cylinder

After completing this programme, trainees will be able to:

  • to identify the features of a cylinder
  • understand the safety checks to be undertaken before using a cylinder
  • understand how to safely operate a cylinder, including preparation of cylinder for use, monitoring of cylinder during use and after use
  • understand how to avoid the risk of fire
  • be aware of safe handling and storage of cylinder

Course content

  • Interactive guide
  • Cylinder features
  • Initial safety checks
  • Preparing for use
  • Monitoring during use
  • After use
  • Safe cylinder
  • Avoiding the risk of fire
  • Safe moving and handling of a cylinder

How to book

Online via


30 minutes

Assessment and certification


Course code


Record system



BOC Healthcare


Additional training may be required due to the complexity of the hazards, risk process and controls (including local emergency/ spillage procedures) in your workplace. These additional needs should be identified by each line manager in consultation with their staff through the training needs assessment process.