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Display screen equipment: user awareness

Who this training is for

Mandatory for all employees who:

  • have no choice but to use the DSE to carry out their work
  • normally use the DSE for continuous periods of more than one hour
  • generally use the DSE on a daily basis

Mandatory for all managers who may have to undertake an employee workstation assessment.

Contact the Health and Safety helpdesk for more information or advice

Training format



The aim of this module is to show how you can use display screen equipment (DSE) safely in your place of work

The module will help you to:

  • define the terms DSE User and workstation
  • describe the responsibilities of the employer and you, the employee, in relation to DSE use
  • explain the term ergonomics and describe the risk associated with DSE use
  • adjust your workstation to ensure you are comfortable and to reduce the risks from using DSE

Course content

Topic 1: Introducing display screen equipment (DSE)

Topic 2: Ergonomics and risks of injury from using DSE

Topic 3: Adjusting your workstation


40 minutes

How to book

Online via


There is an online assessment to be completed.


An online certificate of completion will be issued.

Course code


Record system



Following the completion of this module, your line manager must undertake a written risk assessment of your workstation in consultation with you.