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About Health and Safety courses

About the training

The National Health and Safety Function (NHSF) supports HSE in developing and delivering statutory health and safety training.

This includes:

Contact the Health and Safety helpdesk for more information or advice

Training courses

Mandatory for all staff

Safety, health and welfare in healthcare (HSeLanD)

Manual and people handling training (HSeLanD and classroom)

Mandatory for line managers

Managing health and safety in the healthcare setting (HSeLanD)

Risk assessment webinar for general occupational safety and health risks (HSeLanD)

Based on training needs assessment

All staff

Display screen equipment: user awareness (HSeLanD)

Biological agents health hazards (HSeLanD)

Chemical safety in the workplace (introductory) (HSeLanD)

BOC integral valve oxygen cylinders learning guide (HSeLanD)

First Aid Responder (FAR) (classroom)

First Aid Responder Refresher (FARR) (classroom)

Safety representative (classroom)

Manual handling instruction (classroom)

Manual handling instruction refresher (classroom)

Manual handling and people handling (HSeLanD)

People moving and handling practical (classroom)

People moving and handling instructor refresher (classroom)

Medical gas safety training for non-clinical staff (HSeLanD)

Medical gas safety training for clinical staff (HSeLanD)

Medical gas safety training for staff dealing with medical gasses (HSeLanD)


Managing health and safety in healthcare: chemical agent hazards (HSeLanD)

Display screen equipment: assessor’s module (HSeLanD)