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Bereavement leave

Bereavement leave is paid time off work when an immediate family member dies.

You may be granted up to 5 days paid leave on the death of your:

  • father
  • mother
  • brother
  • sister
  • father-in-law
  • mother-in-law

You are allowed up to 20 days paid leave if your spouse or child dies.

You may also get extra days leave where an immediate relative dies abroad and you must travel to take charge of the funeral arrangements.

Bereavement leave is granted at the time of the bereavement to give you time off from work. It is not granted retrospectively (for example, where a bereavement happens during days or shifts when you are not normally rostered to work).

In some circumstances, you may be given up to 3 days special leave on the death of a more distant relative.

This may apply if you:

  • live in the same house as the deceased
  • must take charge of funeral arrangements

How to apply for bereavement leave

Notice for bereavement leave cannot be given in advance.

When you return to work, you should fill out a bereavement leave application form (PDF, 107KB, 2 pages).

Line managers are sensitive to the needs of employees in circumstances of bereavement. HSE Occupational Health Service can provide assistance if necessary.

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