People moving and handling practical training

The practical training programme supports manual handling and people handling (theory module).

You must complete the theory module not more than 6 weeks before attending the practical training.

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Who this training is for

You should attend the practical training if you:

Course content

The instructor will tailor training to participants needs.

Equipment must be made available for demonstration and participation.

Participants are assessed on ability to carry out a range of people handling skills.

These include:

  • moving patient up the bed using sliding sheets and unroll method
  • sitting patient to edge of the bed
  • turning patient in the bed
  • helping patient from sitting to standing
  • assisted walking with patient
  • repositioning patient from lying to sitting in bed

Hoists will be used to assess knowledge and skills of learners:

  • to and from a chair
  • to and from a bed
  • from the floor


The training takes approximately 4 hours. This depends on the complexity of handling procedures being taught.

How to book

Booking classroom-based training


You will be given a certificate on completion of the training.

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