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Inanimate Manual Handling practical training

The practical training programme supports Manual Handling and People Handling (theory module).

You must complete the theory module not more than 6 weeks before attending the practical training.

Contact the Health and Safety helpdesk for more information or advice

Who this training is for

  • all employees involved in the manual handling of inanimate loads
  • employees that have completed the manual handling theory module on HSELanD

Training format


Course content

You will be assessed on your ability to carry out manual handling skills.

These include:

  • floor lift
  • bench lift
  • bench to height (shoulder)
  • pushing and pulling
  • team lift of 2 or more handlers
  • one arm lift and 2 arms lift


The training takes approximately 3 hours. This will depend on the complexity of handling procedures being taught.

How to book

Booking classroom-based training


You will get a certificate on completion of the training.