Diversity, equality and inclusion


The HSE is an equal opportunities employer.

As an equal opportunities employer, we are committed to treating our employees equally in relation to:

  • age
  • civil status
  • disability
  • ethnicity and race
  • family status
  • gender
  • membership of the Traveller community
  • religion
  • sexual orientation

We treat our employees equally in:

  • recruitment
  • pay
  • conditions
  • training
  • work experience
  • career progression

Our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) Strategy sets out a number of priorities to enhance the way the HSE recruits, plans and develops its workforce. This applies to potential and existing employees regardless of their diversity background. The DEI Strategy runs to the end of 2024 and supports the overall Health Services People Strategy.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) Strategy (PDF, 517KB, 9 pages)

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) Strategy (Word, 535KB, 9 pages)

Diversity Equality and Inclusion (DEI) team

We help in creating a culture where employees are valued and supported, and work in an environment free from discrimination.

We help the organisation to improve the recruitment, support and retention of employees across all diversity grounds, including disability. This is done through awareness-raising and developing the HSE as an employer of choice for diverse groups.

Support with diversity, equality and inclusion enquiries

We provide advice and support to managers and staff on diversity, equality and inclusion enquiries.

This includes:

  • queries about reasonable accommodations from staff with disabilities
  • information requests relating to equality legislation
  • enquiries relating to HSE DEI initiatives, policies and plans
  • enquiries relating to DEI metrics and data

Email: diversity.HR@hse.ie


Get training on diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace on the Diversity, Equality and Inclusion hub on HSeLanD

Training includes:

  • Equality and Diversity Foundation Programme
  • National Disability Authority Disability Awareness Training-Revision 2
  • Overcoming Unconscious Bias in the Workplace
  • LGBTQIA+ Awareness and Inclusion: the basics
  • LGBTQIA+ Awareness Training - virtual workshop
  • Recruitment interviewer skills
  • Dignity at Work policy

Employee networks

Employee networks, also known as Employee Resources Groups (ERGs), help create inclusive environments and build a sense of community.

Benefits of employee networks include:

  • support, visibility and a voice for staff
  • opportunity for staff to contribute personal stories and experience into HR policy and practice
  • assist with raising awareness on DEI issues to the wider workforce

The HSE currently has two employee network groups:

  • Reach Out network for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex or Asexual (LGBTQIA +) staff and their allies
  • Le Chéile network for staff with disabilities and their allies

Le Chéile

The Le Chéile network is our new staff network for employees with disabilities.

The network acts as a:

  • representative voice for staff with visible and invisible disabilities
  • forum where staff can discuss workplace experiences
  • resource on disability-related topics

Le Chéile is an Irish word meaning 'together'. For us, that means staff members across the HSE will work together to develop a more positive and inclusive workplace culture.

Listen to HSE staff share their thoughts on the new network (video)

On International Day of Persons with Disabilities (Saturday 3 December), we aim to encourage understanding and awareness about disability and the benefits of the Le Chéile Network for staff.

For information on the Le Chéile Network email diversity.HR@hse.ie

Conducting equality impact assessments

An equality impact assessment (EQIA) is carried out on a policy or plan to ensure it takes account of diversity and equality.

To be successful, EQIA requires a group of staff representatives with a good understanding of the relevant diversity grounds. For example, a HR policy likely to have a significant impact on staff with a disability should be impact-assessed by several employees with disabilities and long-term health conditions, as well as HR staff.

The DEI team help with implementing EQIA by:

  • facilitating EQIA discussions
  • providing expert participants and advisers
  • sourcing relevant equality data to help make EQIA discussions more robust
  • linking to expert staff panel members with lived experience of diversity issues
  • linking to external agencies with expertise in equality matters
  • reviewing outcomes of EQIAs

To take part in the EQIA process as a staff representative, email diversity.HR@hse.ie

Contact DEI team

Email diversity.HR@hse.ie