Fundamentals of GDPR training on HSeLanD

Get practical knowledge on how to comply with data protection legislation by completing Fundamentals of GDPR training on HSeLanD

If you have already completed the programme, revisit it to refresh your skills and improve how you process data and keep it secure.

By completing the programme you will learn:

  • your responsibilities under GDPR
  • how to recognise and respond to incidents when personal data is not processed correctly
  • how to direct a service user to get a copy of their personal data

Duration and assessment

Around 35 minutes and includes a short assessment.

It also includes ‘extend my learning’, containing practical activities to help transfer learning into your local area of work.

Accessing the programme

To access and complete the programme, search for ‘GDPR’ on the HSeLanD dashboard, or access it through the HR catalogue.


Data Protection Officers and Deputy Data Protection Officer