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Reduce the risk of a data breach

Useful data protection tips and guidance for staff on safer use of email, handling paper records and protecting personal data while working remotely.

Published: 4 August 2021

Protecting the privacy of our patients and service users is a HSE priority. The Data Protection team have created a series of short, information videos offering practical advice on good practices around data protection and information management.

The information videos show how to avoid simple mistakes that can be the cause of a data breach and will help you to reduce your risk of a data breach when processing personal data.

They cover a wide range of scenarios including how to reduce your risk of having a data breach when you are handling paper records, using email and working from home.

Watch: Paper records- How to prevent a data breach

Watch: How to avoid data breaches when working remotely

Watch: Avoid a data breach when using email

 Watch more information clips on reducing your risk of having a data breach

If you suspect a data breach has taken place or are ever in doubt Stop, Think and Ask for Help from your line manager and from your local data protection officer.

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