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A day in the life of Hannah Ryan, Catering Attendant

Hannah Ryan is Catering Attendant in the Production Kitchen at University Hospital Limerick

My name is Hannah Ryan, and for almost 43 years I have served as a Catering Attendant in the Production Kitchen at University Hospital Limerick

I started in August 1981 under the guidance of Sr Joan, back when the hospital was under the care of the Sisters of Mercy. Over the decades, I’ve witnessed many changes. The hospital was previously known as The Regional Hospital serving Limerick City and County. Now it is University Hospital Limerick, an acute hospital serving the people of Limerick, Clare and North Tipperary.

With all these changes, I have seen the increasing number of meals produced, changes to menus, the style of service from bulk service to an almost fully plated service, expansion in kitchen size and upgrades to kitchen equipment. Alongside these changes, I've had the privilege of working alongside wonderful colleagues down through the years.

I love my job as I meet staff from all departments throughout the day. I also get lovely feedback from my catering colleagues at ward level for the food we produce, especially the porridge, as I take great pride in hand-making it for almost 43 years. In a busy hospital environment, where names can be easily forgotten, I've come to appreciate the importance of wearing name badges to ensure I get names right.

Our motto in the Catering Department has always been "Our patients come first." I find great satisfaction in knowing the catering team, including myself, plays a role in the recovery of every patient we serve.

As I look back on my career at University Hospital Limerick, I am filled with gratitude for the experiences, the relationships forged, and the meaningful contributions made to the well-being of our patients. Here's to many more years of serving with passion and dedication.