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UL Hospitals Group Quality and Patient Safety

The Quality and Patient Safety Department work with all staff at UL Hospitals group. We work together at providing the best possible care to our patients in a safe environment.

Quality improvement involves making changes that will lead to better patient experiences.

The leadership team supports the quality and patient safety function. Any new clinical processes we put in place are designed with quality and patient safety in mind. We continually examine our patient care processes.

We monitor and assess what we are doing against national health care standards. We report our progress in the Safety Indicator Statement.

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Patient involvement

We welcome feedback from patients through patient experience surveys and our complaints procedures. We engage with service users through forums such as our patient council. A nominated member of the patient council sits on some of our key committees. This means that the patient is part of the decision making process.

Risk reduction

Our risk reduction program looks at system issues that could lead to an adverse event. If we identify a risk we put proactive processes in place to lessen and remove the risk.

We have a dedication to continuous quality improvement. We are always examining our patient care processes and making sustainable improvements.

We communicate to staff the vital role they make to quality and patient safety.