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UL Hospitals Group 2023–2027 Strategic Plan

The core focus of UL Hospitals Group has always been the delivery of excellent, person-centred care.

With this strategic plan, we renew and reaffirm our commitment to:

  • improve current patient flow and pathways of care
  • implement the priorities and objectives detailed in Sláintecare, the 10-year Government programme aiming to establish a universal, single-tier and high-quality healthcare system

Our vision is to promote a culture dedicated to the delivery of quality and safe patient care.

We uphold the four core values set out by the HSE, Care, Compassion, Trust and Learning and these values are embedded in all aspects of our operations as we strive to deliver quality care to all in the Midwest.

Strategic priorities

Patient experience and public engagement

We will provide person centred care, informed by ongoing engagement and collaboration with the people of the Midwest will help us to deliver on the strategy.

  • an open and just culture
  • patient experience
  • patient activation
  • public engagement and involvement

People, performance and culture

We will empower and equip our people and foster a culture of inclusion and transparency.

  • being an employer of choice, nationally and internationally
  • being a purpose-driven organisation
  • having high performing teams
  • a transparent and inclusive culture

Academic Health Science System

An Academic Health Science System designed with our partners, influenced by our landscape, guided and directed by our shared ambition.

  • establishing an Academic Health Science System
  • promoting clinical excellence
  • a culture of learning
  • research and innovation

Integrated Care System

Lead the interconnected provision of health services, in line with Sláintecare’s commitment to developing six new HSE Health Regions.

  • organisational integration
  • integration of clinical care
  • health equity


Operational excellence

Strives to deliver improvements in care, quality and safety.

Financial resilience

Achieving value for money through continuous improvement and proactive management of financial risk.

Strategic Transformation Office

To provide a co-ordinated and centralised approach to our plan.

Digital Excellence

To support integration of services and public, patient, and staff engagement.

Effective communications

To engage with our staff, patients, partners and stakeholders.

We have compiled a video to summarise the UL Hospitals Group 2023–2027 Strategic Plan

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