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Quality care-metrics in nursing and midwifery

Nursing and midwifery quality care-metrics (QCM) provide an indication of the quality of the fundamental of nursing and midwifery care. QCM supported by the ONMSD, enable quality improvement and accountability of care.

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The QCM measures are:

  • sensitive to the influence of nurses and midwives
  • appropriate for all care settings
  • aligned to evidence-based standards
  • agreed through national consensus

QCM provide the framework to identify gaps in care delivery, enabling action planning for quality improvement and provide a mechanism by which care providers can be accountable for the quality of their care delivery. Test Your Care HSE, a software application available to HSE and HSE-funded settings provides the standardised platform to measure, monitor and track the fundamentals of nursing and midwifery clinical care processes.

Nursing and Midwifery Quality Care-Metrics (2018) consist of a core suite of quality indicators across seven care groups. Figure 1 demonstrates the current metrics which are available for measurement and monitoring

Figure 1 Nursing and Midwifery Quality Care Metrics 2018

The QCM process is cyclical as outlined in Figure 2

QCM Process
Figure 2

Benefits of QCM

Quality care-metrics provide a measuring system that:

  • is specific to the measurement of nursing and midwifery care processes in individual care areas
  • monitors and assesses performance against evidenced-based standards
  • provides real-time reports and a standardised system to track and benchmark the quality of care
  • quantifies trends and characteristics
  • highlights exceptional care and areas of risk which require immediate attention
  • enables targeted action planning for improvement
  • offers direction on educational needs for healthcare staff
  • promotes staff engagement and accountability for the quality of care

National guidelines for nursing and midwifery QCM

A new suite of national guidelines are now available to support services with the implementation of the 2018 Nursing and Midwifery QCM:

Summary Guidelines

QCM readiness and capacity checklist

If a nursing or midwifery service has interest in implementing QCM, this service can self-assess their organisation in relation to the key factors on how ready they are to begin the implementation process using the Readiness & Capacity Checklist.

QCM readiness and capacity checklist (PDF)

QCM immediate risk/safety form

The QCM immediate risk/safety form is used to highlight an issue identified by the data collector while undertaking QCM collection that may need to be addressed immediately by the clinical nurse/midwife manager

QCM risk/safety form (PDF)

QCM Hub on HSELanD

The QCM hub is an online resource that provides more detail and learning resources on QCM for nurses and midwives.

Nursing and Midwifery Hub: HSE LanD

QCM Research reports

A national research study encompassing both academic literature and input from front line nurses and midwives was completed in 2018.

This research identified the important dimensions of nursing and midwifery care that should be measured, reflecting on the processes by which we provide care, and the values underpinning practice.

This research resulted in this suite of 7 QCM reports across these areas:

Contact the QCM team

Ms Michelle Donnelly – QCM Governance Lead, Chair of National QCM Project Officers Group

An Clochar Primary Care Centre,

Ballyshannon Health Campus,

Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal

Phone:071 982 2108

NMPDU project leads

To implement QCM in your service, contact the QCM lead in your local NMPDU:

NMPDU Dublin North

Maria Flaherty

Phone: 086 7810195

NMPDU Dublin South, Kildare and Wicklow

Karina O’Sullivan

Phone: 01 6201735 or 087 2055142

NMPDU North East

Ann Lister

Phone: 087 9257710

NMPDU South East

Leonie Finnegan

Phone: 056 778 5639 or 087 682 9423

NMPDU Midlands

Mary O’Connor

Phone: 087 357 8940

NMPDU Cork/Kerry

Sinead Kenneally

Phone: 021 4921238 or 086 7871011

NMPDU West/Midwest

Annette Connolly

Phone: 061 464 017 or 086 047 0863

NMPDU North West

Deirdre Keown

Phone: 071 982 2106 / 087 060 7916