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Team development services

Leadership, Learning and Talent Management (LLTM) offer team facilitation supports to help teams function effectively.

LLTM facilitates team sessions to strengthen relationships and help teams better understand and appreciate each other's work styles and preferences. LLTM also offer bespoke team interventions.

LLTM's team sessions include:

Strengths-based team review

This session focuses on identifying your team’s strengths and creating a space for your team to connect, take stock and agree on how to move forward as a team.

The session uses a strengths-based approach to identify areas for team improvement.

Sessions can be either half-day or full-day.

Understanding team member styles

LLTM offers team sessions focused on enhancing understanding and appreciation of team members’ styles and preferences at work. Team sessions use tools such as MBTI team roles* to enhance self-awareness and understanding of colleagues in a work context.

* Please note there are costs associated with MBTI. Costs are covered by the service accessing the tool.

Bespoke team intervention

LLTM offer bespoke team intervention supports, customised to a service’s unique context and requirements.

How to access LLTM’s team facilitation services

  1. Service managers contact LLTM to discuss your team’s particular needs. Email
  2. We will make contact to learn more about your team and understand your desired outcomes.
  3. We will propose an approach based on our understanding of your needs. We will work collaboratively with you to co-create a support that meets your requirements. Key to success is clarity and understanding between LLTM and the service manager on the desired outcomes of the request.

Contact Leadership, Learning and Talent Management (LLTM)

Phone: 01 8817 038 or 01 881 7085

For HSeLanD technical or user assistance contact the support desk:

Phone:048 9064 0445