Performance Achievement

Performance Achievement (PA) helps you develop in your role and gives you the opportunity to meet with your manager to discuss your learning and development needs.

PA applies to all staff in the HSE and HSE-funded agencies.

Why we want Performance Achievement

Performance Achievement improves how we deliver health services.

Staff surveys show that staff want a greater level of engagement with their line manager.


  • Clear role definitions, expectations and goals
  • More confidence in performing your job with increased job satisfaction
  • More engagement between you and your manager, resulting in increased support and development
  • Get feedback on your contribution and achievements

PA cycle

Planning and reviewing your performance and development takes place over a 12-month cycle. You will have at least one meeting with your manager in this cycle to agree goals, objectives, training needs and monitor progress.

PA encourages ongoing engagement between you and your manager. Regular informal meetings will provide you with the opportunity to get guidance and assistance in working towards objectives.

PA training material

Complete PA training on HSeLanD (search for Performance Achievement hub). Learn what is included in PA, how to set objectives and prepare for your PA meeting:

Part 1: Why Performance Achievement and what is Performance Achievement

Part 2: Setting Performance Achievement objectives

Part 3: Performance Achievement skills

Part 4: Preparing for a Performance Achievement meeting as a manager

Parts 3 and 4 are particularly relevant to managers who carry out PA meetings.

PA meeting videos

Short role play videos on PA meeting scenarios (available on HSeLanD) that include:

  • Community care
  • Clinical
  • Administration staff
  • Support staff
  • Community healthcare

Employees preparing for the PA meeting

  • Complete the training on HSeLanD (search for Performance Achievement hub)
  • Fill in your PA meeting template form
  • Send your completed template to your manager before your meeting
  • Spend time thinking about your training needs for your particular role
  • Give feedback
  • Engage positively
  • Keep all your documentation
  • Maintain confidentiality

PA meeting template forms

Complete the PA meeting template form applicable to your grade:

PA meeting template form up to grade VII

PA meeting template form grade VIII or above

Managers preparing for the PA meeting

  • Complete the training on HSeLanD (search for Performance Achievement hub)
  • Review your team member's completed PA meeting template form before the meeting
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Be an active listener and use coaching methodology
  • Give constructive feedback
  • Provide guidance
  • Create space for learning opportunities

Reporting PA meetings to HR

Line managers should record PA meetings and notify their local HR when the meeting is complete.

  • line managers in acute hospitals notify the Head of HR in their hospital group
  • line managers in community operations notify the Head of HR in their CHO
  • line managers in corporate divisions notify their Head of HR

The appropriate manager in each hospital group, CHO or corporate division must complete the reporting template distributed by National HR, outlining the PA meetings held by the end of each quarter.

National HR require reporting on the first PA meeting for the year, services do not need to provide data on any follow-up meetings.

Reporting templates are not to be submitted directly to National HR by individual teams. Only one reporting template should be submitted per quarter for each hospital group, CHO, and corporate division.

Related documents

PA meeting template form up to grade VII

PA meeting template form grade VIII or above

Performance Achievement FAQs (PDF, 667KB, 7 pages)

HSE Performance Achievement Policy and Guidance (PDF, 3.6MB, 84 pages)

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