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Partnership Principles

A stronger working relationship between the State and voluntary organisations is key to delivering services that benefit patients and service users.

The Partnership Principles, introduced in April 2023, form the foundation for a new relationship between the State (including HSE and staff) and voluntary organisations. The principles, based on trust and mutual respect, combine the strengths of our statutory and voluntary sectors.

You are encouraged to familiarise yourself with the Partnership Principles (PDF, 742 KB, 17 pages). Apply these principles when interacting with colleagues in voluntary organisations, a valued component of Ireland's public health and social care system.

We are using the Partnership Principles to guide how we work on 2 important projects underway in 2023:


In 2019 a report from an independent review group identified the need to improve the relationship between voluntary organisations and the State. As a result the Minister for Health set up a Dialogue Forum with representatives from the Department of Health, the HSE and voluntary sector representative bodies, among others.

The forum aims to develop a stronger working relationship between the State and the voluntary healthcare sector, communicating regularly on policy and strategic developments, with a focus on maximising outcomes for service users.

To improve the working relationship between the statutory and voluntary sectors, the Dialogue Forum developed the Partnership Principles. The Minster for Health and the HSE CEO launched the principles in April 2023.

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