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Job Evaluation Scheme

Over time, the demands and responsibilities of a post can change. The Job Evaluation Scheme assesses if a job’s grade is properly matched to its duties and responsibilities. You can request an evaluation of your post if it meets the evaluation criteria.

Independent evaluation teams consisting of one HSE representative and one FORSA representative carry out evaluations. Your application form and a telephone conversation form part of the evaluation.

The evaluation assessment awards a post a total number of points based on set criteria.

Job Evaluation Scheme 2016 Circular (014/2016) (PDF, 106KB, 2 pages)

Posts and grades

The scheme covers HSE clerical and administrative grades III to VI, and related grades. To be eligible to apply you must be in your post for at least 2 years.

You can apply for evaluation of your substantive post whilst on a temporary appointment. To be eligible to apply, you must not be out of your substantive post for more than 2 years.

Making an application

Fill out the job evaluation application form.

The application form is structured and targeted. You should list your duties and answer all the questions. These are designed to map your duties onto the competency and knowledge in each category.

You should:

  • read the guidelines about the procedure
  • be aware of the set criteria under which a post is examined and scored (see how a post is evaluated)
  • read the questions carefully
  • answer all the questions (do not say questions are ‘not applicable’)
  • present your role in the best possible light, but without exaggerating (your line manager verifies your answers)
  • give full and consistent answers, avoiding generalisation
  • not cut and paste answers
  • give examples and descriptions of elements of your job that specifically relate to the factors for evaluation
  • use additional space where more is needed to include relevant details

Your line manager (Grade V or above) must verify that the duties of your post are accurately reflected on the form.

Your application is then forwarded to a senior manager (Grade VIII or above). The senior manager forwards it to your division's regional executive officer (REO), who submits it to the scheme using the REO approval application form.

After submitting your application

  1. We assess your application form to ensure it is complete.
  2. If your application form is fully completed and validated, it will be entered into a database and given a reference number. We return incomplete application forms which must be completed in full.
  3. When evaluating your application, the evaluation team will contact you to clarify your duties and responsibilities, if needed, to help them make their decision.

How a post is evaluated

A post is examined and preliminary scored against set criteria under 5 key headings:

  1. Professional and technical competence
  2. Problem solving
  3. Decision making
  4. Responsibility and accountability
  5. Communications

The Quality Assurance team reviews the preliminary scores and makes the final decision on the evaluation.


The outcome of the job evaluation is sent to you and your management chain as relevant to the role.

If the outcome of the job evaluation recommends that the post be upgraded, your employer will begin the process of filling this higher-grade post in accordance with Job Evaluation Scheme 2016 Circular (014/2016) (PDF, 106 KB, 2 pages)

The evaluators' decision is not open to review, and the outcome of the evaluation process is not open to appeal. If you believe the process was flawed, you can request a review.

Evaluated posts cannot be re-evaluated for 2 years following the evaluation date.

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