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Integrated Community eHealth and ICT Programme

The Integrated Community eHealth and ICT Programme delivers and oversees agreed priorities and investment for community ICT infrastructure and solutions. This will improve the experience of service users and the effectiveness of our frontline services. The Community Digital Oversight Group (CDOG) supports the strategic and operational delivery of this programme.

To ensure an integrated approach across the organisation to eHealth and ICT implementation, CDOG works closely with colleagues from Acute Services and eHealth and Disruptive Technologies (eHealth).

CDOG representation includes:

  • Operations
  • Strategy and Planning/Innovation and Change
  • Clinical
  • eHealth and Disruptive Technologies
  • Acute Services
  • Department of Health

Programme goals

  • Outline the vision for community ICT over a defined period, guiding a whole-system approach to community clinical and operational ICT developments. This is done by producing evidence-based requirements and priorities for relevant decision makers.
  • Ensure decision making is coordinated and managed when delivering ICT solutions for community services.
  • Oversee the development of eHealth solutions to support health care provision across community operations. This includes a community case management system, digital therapeutics and specialist ICT solutions.
  • Ensure integration with other health care providers systems, for example, general practitioners and acute hospitals systems.

Integrated Community Case Management System (ICCMS)

CDOG has identified the procurement and implementation of the Integrated Community Case Management System (ICCMS) as an important and urgent requirement in community services. This crucial foundation and key development will improve patient/service user care and staff experience across community services.

More specifically the ICCMS will:

  • support delivery of integrated person-centred care by empowering patients/service users to take control of their health and wellbeing, and ensure a seamless, integrated experience where it is clear what will happen next and when
  • support connected and integrated working across community services by providing real time access to a single patient record, supporting better information sharing, faster triage and referrals processing, and clinical and operational decision making
  • enable better community resources management, supporting the delivery of best health outcomes for our patients/services users
  • improve quality, compliance, patient safety and clinical excellence in the community setting
  • improve performance management and service planning across the community setting by providing real-time information and reporting capabilities within the ICCMS system

ICCMS progress so far

Q3-Q4 2021: Discovery

  • Review of previous system requirements completed
  • Engagement with key stakeholders to understand system scope
  • Agree design principles for the programme
  • Design programme structures

Q1-Q2 2022: Understand the market

  • eTenders market soundings process completed including vendor demonstrations
  • Review of international research and previous lessons learned in deploying similar scale solutions
  • Application and infrastructure audit
  • Further refinement of scope and development of data dictionary
  • A view of the community ICT ecosystem providing clarity in the foundational features that ICCMS will support

Q3-Q4 2022: Supporting procurement process

  • Development of the public spending code business case
  • Preparation of the tender documents in line with EU law and national regulations
  • Select procurement approach and evaluation criteria

More information on this project and other community ICT projects (eHealth Ireland)

New ICT requests

How to submit a new proposal

Requests for new ICT solutions in community services can be submitted to the Community Digital Oversight Group for consideration. Please note in advance of submitting requests for new ICT solutions, approval must be granted by the CHO Head of Service and Chief Officer.

Complete the proposal mandate template and submit to communitydigitalhealth@hse.ie.