Retirees after January 2010

Use My HSE Self Service to view online payslips

My HSE Self Service is now available in East, South East, Midlands, Midwest and North West areas.

Setting up My HSE Self Service

To set up a My HSE Self Service account:

  • send an email to with 'User Set-Up Request Form' in the subject line
  • you will receive a reply which includes a form. Complete the form and return it to
  • you will receive logon and password details from the SAP security team

Logging into My HSE Self Service

  1. Logon to
  2. Enter the Logon ID and temporary password [hint – copy the temporary password and paste it into the password box]
  3. Click Log On
  4. You will receive a passcode via email which you should copy and paste into the passcode box
  5. You will be prompted to change the temporary password. [hint – paste the temporary password into the old password box]
  6. Start using My HSE Self Service to view payslips, update bank details, update personal details

View your online payslips

Retirees after January 2010 online payslips

Getting started on My HSE Self Service

My HSE Self Service support pages

Retirees before January 2010

Register for online payslips

You will need your personnel number to register for online payslips. You can get this from your paper payslip.

Register for online payslips

Note: This option is available for legacy retirees in West, South and North East payroll area. You will also need your PIN to register. You can get this from your paper payslip.

If you have any queries you should send an email to your previous pay area for online payslips.

View your online payslips retirees before January 2010

View your online payslip in your previous pay area.

Get answers to your frequently asked questions about online payslips.

Queries about information on your payslip


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