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We are working to bring Devices, IT services and applications back as quickly and safely as possible. Some services are unavailable at the moment. Read about how to restore your device safely.

Network access

As of 16 June 2021 internet access is not available on:

  • HSE laptops and computers

  • HSE mobile devices (unless they are connected to WiFi)

  • MiFi devices

MiFi Devices

Before you start using your MiFi device you must connect your laptop or computer to a HSE wired network and complete your password reset.

You must turn on your MiFi device to check that it is working correctly.

Your MiFi device will give you access to the HSE network and your HSE email where this is operational.

It is very important that you contact the service desk if your MiFi device is not working, or if you have lost your MiFi device. Cyber Attack IT support service 1800 742 900

MiFi device orders

Currently, no new MiFi orders are being processed.

Remote Network Access

There is no remote access available through phone tethering, Checkpoint or Citrix Access Gateway. We will let you know when these are available.

Page last reviewed: 08/06/2021
Next review due: 08/06/2024