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We are working to bring Devices, IT services and applications back as quickly and safely as possible. Some services are unavailable at the moment. Read about how to restore your device safely.

Mobile phones

Some HSE staff are receiving crank calls:

  • These calls may take the form of recorded messages pretending to be from the Department of Social Protection stating that the details of your public services card have been compromised.
  • These calls should be ignored if possible.
  • Do not disclose personal or banking information on this type of call.

Email access

Email is partially working for some staff using their mobile but not all. We will let you know when email is back working as normal on mobile devices.

Internet access

Currently, access is not re-enabled on devices to sync data and access the internet.

Update the password on your HSE mobile device

It's important that you update the password on your HSE mobile device. Guide to changing the password on your HSE mobile device

Ordering a mobile device

If you are a line manager and need a Talk & Text device for your team you can order one through the following process.

  1. Call Three Business on 01 2061000.
  2. The team in Three will ask you these questions about the team member who needs the device:
    • Contact Name
    • Job Title/Grade
    • Contact Number
    • Region
    • Contact email address and their HSE email address
    • HSE Billing address
    • Shipping address
    • Department Name
    • Quantity of devices required
    • Cost Code

Three will then contact the Regional Mobile Administrator to finalise your request.

Multiparty calls

You can have up to 6 callers on a multiparty call if all callers are using Samsung devices (you and 5 other callers). If you and the callers are using a mix of devices, you can have up to 5 callers (you and 4 other callers).

To make a multiparty call on your HSE Smartphone:

Call the number of one of the callers from your contacts, or type in the number on the dial pad. Once the call is established and answered by the first person, the plus symbol is no longer greyed out. Tap on the + symbol to add additional people to the call.

Connect internet from mobile phone to laptop

You can use your mobile phone's internet on your laptop by directly connecting the phone, via its USB cable, to your laptop or tablet.

You must use the USB cable that came with your phone. This is the same cable you use to connect into your phone's charging plug.


When you connect your phone to your laptop for the first time, device drivers will install. This may take a couple of minutes.

When you see the message 'device driver software successfully installed', follow the steps on your phone:

Step 1: Unlock your phone and slide your finger downwards starting from the top of the screen
Step 2: Press the settings icon
Step 3: Press connections
Step 4: Press mobile hotspot and tethering
Step 5: Press USB tethering
Step 6: You will be able to access the internet/network from your laptop

Phone steps for tethering to laptop

Phone steps

Page last reviewed: 08/06/2021
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