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We are working to bring Devices, IT services and applications back as quickly and safely as possible. Some services are unavailable at the moment. Read about how to restore your device safely.

Laptops and Desktop computers

Restore your HSE laptop or computer

You need to be in a HSE building and directly connected to the HSE network to restore your HSE laptop or computer. Once you complete these steps, your device will work when you are in a HSE building and directly connected to the HSE network.

If you don’t have access to a HSE building you can restore your device at the closest central hub to you. A list of central hubs is available here

  • If you're a remote worker you can begin using your MiFi only after you have directly connected to the HSE network and completed these steps to restore your device.
  • You do not need to have a sticker on your device showing that it has been restored, or a member of the IT team to support you restoring it.
  • There may be red stickers on some devices. You can continue to use these devices. The sticker is there purely for our technical teams to let them know that something needs to be resolved on the specific device but the device is safe to use.
  • When you have completed these steps your device will work when you are in a HSE building and directly connected to the HSE network. It will not work when you are working remotely.
  1. Make sure your laptop or computer is fully powered off (not in sleep mode).
  2. Connect it to a HSE wired network in your HSE facility.
  3. You can then turn on your device but do not log into your device.
  4. Leave your device for at least 30 minutes, powered on and connected to the wired network. Your device restores automatically.
  5. After 30 minutes or longer you can log onto your device as normal.
  6. You will be prompted to change your password. Make sure that you use a strong password. If you are not prompted to change your password, call the Cyber Attack IT support service 1800 742 900.
  7. You will then see your desktop - it should look the same as when you last logged on. You will not get a message or sign on your laptop or computer that your device is restored. If you have any problems please call the Cyber Attack IT support service.
  8. You can now use Word, Excel, Powerpoint and email on your device.
  9. Your mailbox and calendar should be the same as you last left it. Your old emails should still be there. Emails sent to you from the time our systems closed down may not be available.

If you have any problems or are unsure about anything, please call the Cyber Attack IT support service 1800 742 900.

You should not connect to any other applications until you have been told you can do so.

If you have problems restoring your HSE laptop or computer

Take your device to your nearest central hub if you are having difficulty restoring your HSE laptop or computer.

You will need to leave your device at the hub. An engineer will clean and restore it. They will phone you when it's ready for you to collect. This can take up to 48 hours (2 days).

Find your nearest central hub

Update your security details

Update your security details as soon as possible through Ivanti Self Service

Please stagger attendance to HSE sites where possible. Managers and staff must continue to follow public health guidance on:

  • mask wearing
  • hand hygiene
  • social distancing
  • limiting time in close contact

Click here for COVID-19 protocols.

COVID-19 protocols

COVID-19 Protocols for restoring laptop and desktop devices in HSE sites

Set a strong password

A strong password contains uppercase, lowercase, symbols and numbers and must be at least 8 characters long. Do not use passwords that follow a similar pattern, for example, if your old password was Emma001, don’t change it to Emma002.

Restore your email

After you have restored your laptop or desktop computer you can open your mailbox. Click here for more information.

Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes email system will not be restored as an active email account

Shared network drives

Staff who have access to servers can attempt to open files. If a file opens, staff can use the file. If the file doesn’t open it could be corrupted. ICT are carrying out a cleaning process on share files, which means that there might be intermittent access.

If you are working remotely

If you are working from home bring your device to your regular place of work or another HSE facility that you have access to. The facility must have a connection to a HSE wired network.

Remote workers with no access to a HSE facility

If you do not have access to a HSE facility with access to the HSE wired network, you will be able to take your device to a central hub near you, where we can check your device is safe.

Ordering devices

We are processing device orders at until further notice.

We are prioritising requests and giving priority to urgent requests.

You should not purchase individual or group orders outside of this process. We must ensure compliance with our build, deployment, install and security processes.

Your email to should include:

  • line manager email address (their usual @hse email address will suffice)
  • numbers and types of devices
  • purpose - to ensure correct build
  • spec - to ensure correct device
  • location address including eircode
  • contact name and mobile number

We are directing device requests that fall outside standard deployment to the appropriate channels. For example, for Covid test or vaccination-related requests you should call 0818 300300 or 021 2340999

Personal devices and HSE data

Using personal devices to process HSE data

Transferring files using a USB key

Do not use a USB key to transfer files from a HSE device to any other device.

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