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We are working to bring Devices, IT services and applications back as quickly and safely as possible. Some services are unavailable at the moment. Read about how to restore your device safely.


Ordering devices

We are processing device orders at until further notice.

We are prioritising requests and giving priority to urgent requests.

You should not purchase individual or group orders outside of this process. We must ensure compliance with our build, deployment, install and security processes.

Your email to should include:

  • line manager email address (their usual @hse email address will suffice)
  • numbers and types of devices
  • purpose - to ensure correct build
  • spec - to ensure correct device
  • location address including eircode
  • contact name and mobile number

We are directing device requests that fall outside standard deployment to the appropriate channels. For example, for Covid test or vaccination-related requests you should call 0818 300300 or 021 2340999

Ordering a mobile device

If you are a line manager and need a Talk & Text device for your team you can order one through the following process.

  1. Call Three Business on 01 2061000.
  2. The team in Three will ask you these questions about the team member who needs the device:
    • Contact Name
    • Job Title/Grade
    • Contact Number
    • Region
    • Contact email address and their HSE email address
    • HSE Billing address
    • Shipping address
    • Department Name
    • Quantity of devices required
    • Cost Code

Three will then contact the Regional Mobile Administrator to finalise your request.

Multiparty calls

You can have up to 6 callers on a multiparty call if all callers are using Samsung devices (you and 5 other callers). If you and the callers are using a mix of devices, you can have up to 5 callers (you and 4 other callers).

To make a multiparty call on your HSE Smartphone:

Call the number of one of the callers from your contacts, or type in the number on the dial pad. Once the call is established and answered by the first person, the plus symbol is no longer greyed out. Tap on the + symbol to add additional people to the call.

Phone image 2 multi-party callsPhone image

Page last reviewed: 08/06/2021
Next review due: 08/06/2024