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Getting your vaccine

COVID-19 vaccines are still available to all frontline healthcare workers who have not yet been vaccinated, regardless of their age. You can register online for your COVID-19 vaccine through the public registration system. Everyone who registers online will be offered an mRNA vaccine - either the Moderna or Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

You can also go to a ‘walk-in vaccination clinic’ without an appointment if that's an option at a vaccination centre near you.

Read more about walk-in vaccination clinics, where to find one and what you will need to bring

Booster vaccination

As a Healthcare worker (HCW) you will be offered a booster vaccination approximately 6 months after your vaccination course. If you are identified as a HCW on our Covax vaccination system, you will be called for vaccination as you become due for a booster.

Walk-in booster clinics have been arranged for healthcare workers on specific days and times.

Click here for a list of walk-in clinics open this week

If you had COVID-19 since you finished your vaccination course you must wait 6 months after diagnosis before you can get your COVID-19 vaccine booster.

Some healthcare settings may choose to vaccinate their own staff. Pharmacies will be included in the rollout of HCW boosters in the next few weeks.

HCWs aged over 60 are included in the age cohort for booster vaccinations, starting this week (commencing 1 November 2021).

If you are a healthcare worker and have a query about your booster vaccine please fill out this form

Get a COVID-19 vaccine booster appointment in a different vaccination centre

How you will be invited for a booster vaccination

  • Most HCWs will be invited for their booster at a vaccination centre over the next six weeks.
  • These appointments are generated automatically - you do not need to register.
  • If you’ve become a HCW since your second vaccine dose, you will be given the opportunity to identify yourself as a HCW and get called for a booster. This facility will be available shortly.

COVID-19 vaccine support contact

If you have questions about your vaccine, call the HSELive vaccine helpline on 1800 700 700.

The helpline is open 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday.

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