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Staff: minding your mental health

Coronavirus is a unique and unprecedented situation for healthcare workers. Infectious disease outbreaks like coronavirus can be worrying. Responding to coronavirus can take an emotional toll on healthcare workers and has the potential to impact their mental health. But there are many things you can do to mind your mental health during times like this.

Minding your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak

Guidance for health care workers in self-isolation

Guidance for healthcare professionals

Ask for help if you are struggling to cope or concerned about your ability to care for yourself, your family and patients as you did before the outbreak.

Workplace Health and Wellbeing Unit support services

Online mental health programmes

Online mental health service SilverCloud Health is giving free access to all HSE staff to four self-directed online programmes.

The mental health programmes available are:

  • Dealing with stress
  • Building resilience
  • Improving your sleep
  • Space from COVID-19

Access the programmes here. Once on the website, complete the sign-up process and enter the access code HSE2020 when prompted to do so.

Guidance for team leaders and managers

  • Provide team communication and information updates from web sources to staff regularly
  • Rotate workers from high-stress to lower-stress functions, where possible
  • Partner inexperienced workers with more experienced colleagues. The buddy system helps to provide support, monitor stress and reinforce safety procedures
  • Initiate, encourage and monitor work breaks. Where possible, implement flexible schedules for workers who are directly impacted or have a family member impacted by a stressful event
  • Advise team members more at risk of serious illness from coronavirus how to protect themselves

Share messages in an easy-to-understand way for staff with additional communication needs. Use forms of communication that do not rely solely on written information. You will find some useful videos to assist with this here.

HSELanD programme: Supporting your staff's mental health

This programme will help you to prepare yourself to successfully have a mental health conversation with your staff. This will include clinical and admin scenarios on how to identify signs and symptoms that may indicate a staff member is experiencing mental health issues.

Managers and team leaders

Managers and team leads are facing similar stressors as their staff, and potentially additional pressure because of the responsibility of your role.

It is important that you also use self-care strategies to reduce your stress during this time. Your team will need you to stay well and staff will benefit from your example.

For more information on staff supports during coronavirus see Workplace Health and Wellbeing Unit

For more information on minding your mental health go to

Local Psychosocial Supports

In addition to national initiatives, each local CHO area offers a number of key supports:

  • A Psychological First Aid Call Back Service - for health care workers and some targeted groups of the public, who may be feeling stressed or anxious about the impact of COVID-19.
  • Trained psychosocial responders will provide a brief telephone contact to help callers to cope with the daily challenges at this time.

The responders aim is to listen, to acknowledge people’s challenges and help people get back on track. The responder will also recommend resources and signpost callers to additional supports if required.

To access your local service, you can email or call (where available) as per the county list below. Please leave your name and phone number and a psychosocial responder will call you back. Click here for contact details.

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