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Self referral

Occupational Health focuses on your physical and mental wellbeing at work.

You can refer yourself to Occupational Health. This is called a self-referral. Self-referrals are confidential and your manager is not informed of the referral.

If your issue relates to your work, it may be better to discuss it with your manager. A management referral to Occupational Health may then be necessary.

Consultation with Occupational Health

During the consultation, you may be given an opinion on your medical fitness for your job. You may also be given advice on how to manage your symptoms.

The doctor or nurse may recommend that they contact your manager. Your manager will only be contacted if you give written consent.

Occupational Health assessments will not deal with:

  • referrals to specialists for health conditions
  • resolution of workplace issues that fall under the remit of the manager
  • requests for work accommodations due to non-medical reasons

How to self-refer to Occupational Health

Contact your local Occupational Health service (PDF, 474KB, 20 pages). You will need to discuss the reason for the referral with a nurse in order for advice to be given and, if an appointment is required, to ensure your case can be directed to the appropriate person in the service.


Local occupational health contact details (PDF, 474KB, 20 pages)