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The HSE workplace mediation service can help you resolve workplace conflict. The service is available to staff in the HSE and HSE-funded organisations.

We promote early intervention, reducing lengthy, stressful and costly formal processes.

Mediation is voluntary. It gives you an opportunity to address issues in a confidential and safe environment.

Our mediators are non-judgmental. They will help you and the parties involved identify issues and how they can be resolved.

Any agreement reached must be acceptable to all parties and is generally binding, unless otherwise agreed.

Our internal mediators are accredited by the Mediators Institute of Ireland

Mediation is effective in:

  • Single-issue and multi-issue disputes
  • Two-people and multi-party conflicts
  • Developing sustainable solutions when parties are willing but unable to move forward
  • Early preventative intervention in a conflict

Conflicts suitable for mediation:

  • Disputes between staff
  • Manager and staff difficulties
  • Breakdown in a working relationship
  • Performance issues
  • Issues arising from a grievance or disciplinary procedure
  • Difficulties arising from organisational change
  • Allegations of harassment or bullying
  • Conflict arising from equality and diversity

Benefits of mediation:

  • Provides early intervention and resolution in conflict situations
  • Allows both parties to deal with each other with the help of a mediator
  • Creates a safe place for the parties to have their say - all discussions are confidential
  • Voluntary process, with dispute resolution in the control of the individuals involved
  • Encourages a positive approach to resolving issues
  • Mediation is quicker, less stressful and cheaper than engaging with the court system
  • Reduces the need for expensive third-party referrals
  • Mediation works towards long-term solutions, focusing on the future working relationships of those involved

What happens during mediation

Our mediator will set up separate pre-mediation meetings with you, and the parties involved in the dispute.

These meetings are for the mediator to get a sense of the issues and to explain the process.

At a joint meeting, you and the parties will get an opportunity to explain your position and express how the conflict affects you.

The mediator will encourage you to ask questions, discuss issues and explore your own solutions.


Phone: 046 925 1255