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Recruitment Gateway


The Recruitment Gateway captures the required recruitment information, ensuring accuracy and efficiency with job orders and reducing recruitment timelines.

All job orders must be submitted via the Recruitment Gateway.

This replaces the previous process of emailing or posting a job order form.

Note: The Gateway does not replace the approval to hire process. You must still complete the approval to hire process before creating a job order on the Gateway. You will now be able to attach your approval to hire forms directly on the Gateway.

Use the Gateway to:

  • draft and submit job orders
  • assign job orders for approval (aligning to your internal approval structure)
  • check the status of your job order
  • raise amendment and cancellation requests


To access the Recruitment Gateway or the Gateway Access request form you must have a HealthIRL account.

If you do not have a HealthIRL account email

Get more information - HealthIRL migration

If you have forgotten your HealthIRL username and password, contact the National Services Desk via Ivanti or phone 0818 300 300

Once you confirm you have a HealthIRL account, complete the Gateway Access request form.

When approved you may log into the Recruitment Gateway using your HealthIRL account username and password.


There is a glossary on the Gateway help page to support you.

Training videos are available on HSeLanD. Follow the steps in this guide:

Steps for accessing Gateway training material on HSELanD (PDF, 354KB, 1 page)

See also our quick reference guide, faqs and training manual:

Recruitment Gateway quick reference guide (PDF, 248 KB, 2 pages)

Recruitment Gateway FAQs (PDF, 900 KB, 4 pages)

Recruitment Gateway training manual (PDF, 3.4 MB, 62 pages)


For queries relating to the Recruitment Gateway including technical, system access and job order submissions email

For queries relating to recruitment email or phone 0818 473 677