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Awards Criteria

Applications are now closed.

All applications will now go through a shortlisting process. Shortlisted applicants will be notified in October 2023.

All shortlisted applicants will then be asked to present their project to a judging panel to explain further the merits of their project to the judging panel. Winning projects will be determined based on the application and the presentation of the project.

Projects will be selected using the following criteria:


We will assess how much your project supports team working, planning and delivering care.

Your project should show evidence of enabling and encouraging this integrated way of working. This can be in hospital, community or corporate settings.

The project should show evidence of improvements in providing care, and use of interprofessional teams.

Patient, service user, client experience

We will assess how your project impacts on quality of service, and safety and care of patients, service users and clients.

We will also assess team working for a more seamless patient pathway, and compliance with health and safety legislation.

You should identify improvements in patient experience, quality of care and patient safety.

Stakeholder engagement

We will assess how your project has created channels to consult with stakeholders. Stakeholders can include patients, service users, staff, unions and partnerships. We will also assess the method and tools used to communicate with stakeholders.


We will assess the potential for learning from your project, and ways it could be replicated in other parts of the health service. This includes the management approach and specific features or outcomes of the project. The project should also identify an operating process for this purpose.

Efficiency and value for money

We will assess how your project creates a streamlined approach to service delivery, and delivers increased efficiencies and resource savings. To include, if applicable, a focus on sustainability, energy and reduced waste.

It should also be demonstrated how the project is beneficial for :

  • patients and service users
  • saving on time, travel and need to attend healthcare facilities


We will assess how your project enabled teams to work together and share knowledge and experience.

This includes sharing responsibility for problem-solving and making decisions to carry out plans for better, safer healthcare.

Measurement and results

We will assess how your project measures the impact of change and/or innovation within your service. This includes details of quality improvement measurement tools and results.

Unique features

Highlight unique features of your project that may fall outside the other criteria. For example, did the project demonstrate specific measurable outcomes, creative and innovative approaches to service enhancement.