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Covid-19 information & resources for healthcare workers

During the COVID19 pandemic there is a potential for confusion and even misinformation, it’s important that we get our information only from reliable sources as stated by the HSE.

Where to get reliable information

Coronavirus information for staff is available from the following websites; and HSE national webpage

Education and training resources are available to support healthcare workers on HSELanD.

Covid-19 resources for nurses and midwives

Nurses/midwives working in or returning to professional practice in response to Covid-19

Get guidance if you are currently working in or returning to professional practice to help with patient care relating to coronavirus (COVID-19) from HSE’s online learning portal HSELanD

Resource packs are available for registered nurses and midwives or for those returning to practice for the following areas:

  • children’s nursing
  • midwifery
  • general nursing
  • intellectual disability nursing
  • mental health nursing
  • older person’s services
  • public health nursing
HSELanD will certify completion of COVID-19 programmes

Staff who are returning to practice or currently working in practice and need support with education and training can contact their local Centre of Nurse and Midwifery Education (CNMEs) or local Nursing and Midwifery Planning and Development Unit (NMPDUs) or for further information go to the ONMSD website page.

Other key resources available for nurses/midwives and healthcare workers

Community Assessment Hubs

Access the Community Assessment Resource for COVID 19

Critical Care

Critical Care Resource COVID 19 available from HSELanD

Healthcare Assistants

Resource Pack for Healthcare Assistants and Healthcare Assistants entering the Health Service in response to COVID-19 Outbreak 2020 available from HSELanD

Occupational Health Guidance

Read occupational health guidance, algorithms and healthcare worker information leaflets in relation to COVID-19

National Health Library and Knowledge Service

Find out more about Covid19 Resources hosted on