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COVID-19 news

Information and resources for HSE staff relating to COVID-19

  • Big thanks to you

    A message from CEO Paul Reid sharing messages of thanks with staff across the health service

  • Get a Vaccine, Give a Vaccine

    UNICEF Vaccine Campaign

  • Stay safe at work after your vaccine

    Many frontline workers have received their vaccine but the COVID-19 virus is still easily spread. Find tips on how to stay safe at work after vaccination.

  • Watch back: Previous Staff Webinars

    The January Staff Webinar COVID-19 Q&A Session with CEO Paul Reid, COO Anne O’Connor and CCO Colm Henry is now available to watch. You can also watch the webinars from November and September 2020 below.

  • Covid Tracker App advice for staff wearing PPE

    All health care workers and GPs are encouraged to download and use the app, but there are some simple steps you will need to take to ensure that you do not receive close contact alerts when the risk of transmission is reduced or non-existent due to the use of PPE.

  • Update on the resumption of health services during COVID-19

    In line with the Government’s Return to Work Safely Protocol managers must do a comprehensive review of their current systems to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.