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HSeLanD and other eLearning resources for nurses and midwives

These are a range of online resources which have been created to assist nurses and midwives to broaden their knowledge and skill.

HSeLanD Nursing and Midwifery Hub

HSeLanD is the HSE's online learning and development portal. HSELanD provides over 170 online learning programmes for nurses and midwives.

The ONMSD have a dedicated Nursing and Midwifery Hub. The hub provides online programmes and access to a digital Professional Development Plan.

Set up a HSeLanD account:

  1. Go to the HSeLanD create an account page
  2. Read the HSeLanD privacy policy
  3. Complete the registration details

Log into HSeLanD:

  1. Go to the HSeLanD login page
  2. Sign in with your log in details
  3. Select 'Hubs' on the homepage
  4. Select 'Nursing and Midwifery Hub' and choose the content you need

Tips on using HSeLanD

Choosing a programme

  • Review the course catalogues section for details of programmes.
  • Search through the catalogues to identify the programmes that are of interest.

IT equipment

  • Check that the device you are using to access the online learning has all the software you need to run the programme. HSELanD has a checker that you can use to test out your device and check if your device has everything you need on it to run the programmes.
  • Talk to your local IT department if you need new software or need to upgrade your web browser.

Plan your learning

  • Plan out your online learning in the same way that you might plan out any classroom teaching. It’s good to get into a routine of accessing online learning. This will ensure that you complete your online learning and generate your certificate of completion.
  • Pick a quiet place to learn and have headphones available.
  • Give yourself time to learn. Pick a time in the day that allows you the time you need to take part and reflect on your learning.

Transfer of learning

  • Whilst you are accessing the online learning, think of ways that you could apply your learning in practice and discuss this with colleagues and your line manager.

Funding for online learning initiatives on HSeLanD

The ONMSD offer funding support for the design, updating and maintenance of digital learning programmes and tools which are hosted on HSeLanD for nurses and midwives.

You can use these forms to create an expression of interest and apply for funding:

Review of existing programmes on HSeLanD

Sponsored e-learning programmes are reviewed every 2 years to ensure that the content is relevant, evidence based and fit for purpose.

Programme sponsors will be contacted by the ONMSD HSeLanD Digital Learning Governance Group when it is time to undertake this review.

You can use this form to complete the review:

Other eLearning resources

Other eLearning resources used by Irish nurses and midwives listed alphabetically include:

See the NMBI eLearning resources for Irish nurses and midwives for further details on these eLearning sources