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Online training using HSeLanD

The HSE online learning portal HSeLanD contains over 200 eLearning programmes, resources, assessment, and planning tools.

If you are a first time user you will need to create an account

Get help on the registration help page if you have difficulty creating an account.

Find eLearning modules on HSeLanD through the search box or from the course catalogues menu on the HSeLanD homepage.

Use the help page when you are logged into HSeLanD to get support using the portal.

About HSeLanD

  • Over 200 eLearning programmes and resources. Up to fifty per cent of the courses have been developed as bespoke programmes using internal subject matter experts.
  • Collaborative learning hubs to facilitate knowledge sharing between multidisciplinary groups.
  • e-Portfolio and personal development planning (PDP) workbook and competency assessment tools enabling users to plan their learning.
  • Online management of classroom and blended training, enabling you to register for live organisation learning events

Using HSeLanD you can complete ‘start to finish’ interactive learning.

This includes:

  • carrying out a competency assessment
  • planning professional development for the coming year
  • accessing online course catalogues for a range of Training and Development services across Ireland with course listings and schedules
  • completing mandatory eLearning programmes where appropriate
  • completing eLearning programmes on-demand (learning what you want, when you want)
  • print off a certificate of achievement when you successfully complete a learning programme. This can be used as evidence of having completed professional development
  • accessing libraries of learning resources including documents, videos, and links
  • participating in subject-specific collaborative learning hubs, forums, wikis, and blogs
  • managing your learning path

Need support?

For assistance or to contact HSeLanD visit the dedicated HSeLanD support page.