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HSE Menopause Policy

Information for HSE employees experiencing menopausal symptoms which may be having an impact at work. Everyone's menopausal experience is unique, and the level of support needed may vary.

About the policy

The HSE Menopause Policy provides information to staff regarding perimenopause and the various forms of menopause. It demonstrates how these can affect an employee in the workplace and ways to support them. The policy provides guidance on how colleagues can support employees experiencing menopause at work.

Menopause training modules

Menopause training modules on HSeLanD:

Menopause and You - What Everyone Needs to Know
This 20-minute module, available to all staff members, gives you an understanding of the menopause, perimenopause, and possible symptoms.

Get information on:

  • managing the impact of symptoms in work
  • possible work adjustments
  • how to access supports in and outside the workplace

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Menopause and You - What Managers Need to Know
This 30-minute module examines the menopause policy and its resources to assist managers in having conversations with staff members experiencing menopausal symptoms. It outlines how to lead with empathy as you and your team work to normalise menopausal conversations.

Get information on:

  • best practice for having talks with employees, including appropriate language
  • how to make local adjustments for team members
  • when to direct to different supports

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Information on menopause for employees

The menopause policy guides employees on how to manage menopause-related issues at work, and how to look for further support.

Menopause and the workplace - information for employees (PDF, 500 KB, 2 pages)

Menopause symptoms, treatment and things you can do -

Information on menopause for managers

The menopause policy guides managers on how to approach conversations with team members reporting menopause-related issues, as well as how to support them.

Menopause and the workplace - how managers can approach a conversation (PDF, 406 KB, 1 page)

Menopause and the workplace - considerations for managers (PDF, 429 KB, 1 page)

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