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Payroll submissions

Employee responsibilities

You should follow your local procedures for recording times worked and absences.

Payroll requires you to report to your line manager your:

  • times worked
  • leave taken in the week (this must be authorised by your line manager and recorded on your payroll returns document)

Overpayments and underpayments

You must notify your line manager immediately if you have been overpaid or underpaid.

If you are unsure about payroll processes contact your local payroll office

Line manager responsibilities

Local procedures

You must have payroll sign-off procedures, in line with regulations and HR policies, for your service.

The procedures should:

  • be communicated and available to staff
  • outline roles and responsibilities of staff who prepare, verify and enter times worked and absences taken
  • be signed and dated and include a date for review
  • include specimen signatures of staff authorised to sign-off on payroll processing

Payroll returns

You must ensure time sheets, attendance sheets and sign-in sheets are:

  • completed, checked and authorised
  • not self-certified by the staff member
  • submitted on time to avoid payroll errors, over payments or underpayments


You must ensure payroll reconciliations are completed and the data submitted reflects times worked and absences taken.


You should ensure overtime and on-call hours worked are authorised and recorded.

Overpayments and underpayments

As a manager, you must:

  • submit forms and documents in full and on time to Payroll, to ensure employees are paid correctly
  • keep a record of outstanding employee overpayments and a repayment plan checklist

Agency staff

You must have a process in place for recording and processing payments for agency staff.

Agency time sheets for hours worked and absences taken should be reviewed for accuracy weekly, certified as final, and reconciled with agency invoices.

Ensure agency invoices are:

  • date stamped on receipt, calculated and reconciled with agency time sheets
  • signed and dated as certified for payment before payment processing

Contracts for temporary staff

You should ensure that temporary staff are issued with up-to-date contracts.

Contracts should show:

  • commencement date
  • end date
  • salary scale point
  • other conditions relevant to the post

Contracts must be signed by the staff member and authorised by a line manager.

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