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The Role of the Confidential Recipient

Leigh Gath acts as a voice for our most vulnerable as Confidential Recipient. Leigh's door is always open to those who wish to have their concerns examined.

Published: 11 August 2021

Watch: Leigh Gath talks about her role as Confidential Recipient acting as a voice for vulnerable adults with disabilities and/or older people that receive HSE services

Leigh Gath has been acting as a voice for our most vulnerable for seven years in her role as Confidential Recipient.

Her office provides an open door to any individuals or family members who wish to have their concerns examined in the strictest confidence and her role is to act as a voice for vulnerable adults with disabilities and/or older people and help them navigate the system.

“It is my role to be a voice for people with disabilities and older people who receive services that are funded or partially funded by the HSE. This can include residential services, day services, home health, or PA services,” Leigh explained.

“If a person feels that they, or someone else receiving services have been potentially affected by abuse, neglect or sub-standard practice in their treatment or care, they can contact this office with their concerns. The concerns will then be sent to the appropriate person within the HSE. They will examine it and respond back to me in a timely manner.

“If the person who sent in the concern is not satisfied with the response, then I’ll ask for it to be re-examined. If the concerned person is satisfied then the concern is closed.”

She stressed that she welcomes anonymous concerns if someone does not wish to be identified.

The confidential recipient office, first established in 2014, is a national service and she operates independently of the HSE.

“I welcome calls, emails or regular mail from any member of the public if they have a concern,” said Leigh.

Click here to read Confidential Recipient Annual Report 2019/ 2020 (PDF, 16 pages, 664 KB)

You can contact Leigh on 061-482605 or 087-6657269, or by email