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ICT Restoration Update

Update for staff on week six of the restoration of HSE ICT systems

Published: 24 June 2021

We are experiencing our sixth week of working in a limited capacity following the cyber attack incident. Extensive work continues to take place daily on all HSE ICT servers, systems and interfaces to allow services to return to normal. The Executive Management Team want to thank you all  for your  patience and hard work during this stressful time.

ICT restoration progress to date:

  • 78% of servers are now decrypted 
  • 76%  of HSE devices are restored and connected to the HSE network 

If you have  not restored your HSE computers or laptops please do so as soon as possible. You can find information on how to do this


All domains, with the exception of those in the North East and North West, are flowing. Platform recovery in the North East and North West is ongoing. A significant variation in the return of email is reported across the country.

Internet Access 

Still not available, however work is ongoing with plans in place to restore access in the coming weeks.

Remote Connectivity 

Now available to enable remote working (E.g. MiFi.


HealthLink is operating outward communications to GP’s (including laboratories and radiology). Some inbound (including Covid test referrals) functionality has been restored however functionality remains variable across the system. 

ICT recovery

  • Restoration of systems and interfaces continues nationally 
  • The backlog of manual processes is reducing as recovery of systems continues; 
  • The risk of incidences of errors in manually re-entering data remains; 
  • As  IT systems recover it is hoped that risks to staff working in a high stress environment will reduce. 
  • Managers are reminded to encourage staff to take advantage of mental health supports which are available 24/7 to HSE staff.

Impact to Patients:

ICT recovery across the system is gradually reducing the risk of harm to patients. Until full restoration is achieved the following risks remain: 

  • manual reporting with errors in hand written results; 
  • reduced access, delayed diagnosis and treatment due to generalised ‘slowing’ of all internal processes;
  • clinical errors related to lack of access to clinical notes; and 
  • backlog of patient care following recovery of services, which is likely to take some time to resolve. 

Patient Management Services 

  • 45 sites have functioning applications available, with 6 sites having a limited level of function. The Royal Victoria Eye and Ear hospital remains without function.
  • Diagnostic Imaging: 49 sites are now functioning, with 5 sites having a limited level of function. 2 sites remain without function 
  • Laboratories: 35 sites are now functioning, with 4 sites having a limited level of function. 
  • Radiotherapy: 3 sites are now functioning. 
  • Endoscopy: 10 sites are now functioning, with 24 sites having a limited level of function. 3 sites remain without function. 
  • Colposcopy: 6 sites are functioning. 9 sites remain without function